Investment Philosophy

  • Focus on Value
    Our objective is to generate excess returns over a market cycle by purchasing
    public real estate enterprises at a discount to the private market valuation of the underlying real estate holdings.

  • Focus on Yield and Cash Flow
    Our investment process emphasizes dividend yield in REIT structures, and free
    cash flow in non-REIT companies.

  • Focus on Non-Core Strategy
    An all-cap strategy that may contain REITs, Real Estate Operating Companies,
    and REIT preferred equities. It is a differentiated product that does not mimic REIT indices or ETFs.

  • Focus on Diversification and Liquidity
    Portfolios are diversified across sectors, geographic locations and tenant exposure
    to protect capital. All holdings are publicly traded and offer short term liquidity to our investors. We do not invest in the direct ownership of real estate.