REMS International Real Estate Value-Opportunity Portfolio

REMS International Real Estate Value-Opportunity Portfolio may invest in the universe of international public real estate securities including all FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global ex-US index constituents plus any other opportunity where the majority of the internationally domiciled public company’s revenues or intrinsic value is derived from real estate.

The strategy may invest in common stocks such as REITS or equivalent foreign structures, real estate operating companies, and any other majority real estate exposed enterprises of companies located in countries other than the United States. Regional exposures may include: the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, Asia ex-Japan, Canada, the Middle East and Emerging Markets.

The strategy applies REMS’ established Value, Yield-Advantage investment process to the broad universe of international public real estate securities. The strategy’s primary objective is to generate excess returns over a market cycle by purchasing internationally domiciled public real estate enterprises at a discount to the private market valuation of the underlying real estate holdings. Current income is a secondary objective, and dividends are paid annually to mutual fund shareholders. Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria must be met for portfolio inclusion. The strategy is long-biased but may use modest leverage or short positions to enhance or protect returns.

The product is available both as a mutual fund and as a separately managed account. For more information contact Candace Chapman.

Allocations shown are representative only.