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Naples Office

Portfolio Management and Operations

1100 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 305
Naples, Florida 34102
Telephone: (239) 262-3017
Facsimile: (239) 263-4572
Toll Free: (877) 825-2549

Edward W. Turville, CFA
Chairman & Managing Director

Jon D. Dreith
Director of Operations/Trading

Tania Zapalski
Vice President/Trader/Financial Analyst

Nevena Kesyakova
Equity Trader

Atlanta Office

Research and Marketing

999 Peachtree Street, Suite 2750
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
Telephone: (404) 582-8990
Facsimile: (404) 588-2599

John E. Webster, II
President/Director of Research

Quentin Velleley, CFA
Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer

Sharon Margetson, CFA, CIPM
Senior Research Analyst

Kevin Varin
Senior Equity Analyst

Candace Chapman, CPA
Executive Vice President, Director of Marketing

Janet Ryan
Chief Compliance Officer