Company Profile

Organizational Overview

REMS is a specialized public real estate investment firm founded in 1997 to provide clients an alternative to REIT indexes and index-like public real estate portfolios. We are value-oriented with an eye toward yield as we seek unique and often yet to be identified opportunities in the broad public real estate landscape. Our size allows us to be nimble and opportunistic in the structuring of specialized portfolios derived from REMS research-driven investment process. Today, over two decades into the firm’s existence we remain focused solely in the public real estate sector and the extensive research required to identify undervalued investment candidates.

  • Founded 1997

  • Value, Yield-Advantage Investment Process

  • Long term client relationships with Pension Plans, Foundations and Endowments, Insurance Companies, Pooled Funds, Investment Consultants, and Private Investors

  • Our only business is the research and management of public real estate securities.